Collect and Manage County Revenues

Malette A. Pickett, Treasurer
605-10 Pine Street
Hillsville, VA 24343                                                                        Malette A. Pickett Treasurer Directory.pdf
(276) 730-3060 
(276) 236-8008
Fax: (276) 730-3061

Office Hours Open To The Public: 8:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m.  

The 2024 First Half Real Estate Tax Deadline Is June 24,2024.

The 2024 Second Half Real Estate and 2024 Personal Property Tax Deadline is December 5th, 2024.

The elected post of Treasurer was created in the Virginia Constitution of 1870.   The Treasurer’s independent status as an elected official ensures that local funds will be collected and invested by an officer who reports directly to the People.

The Board of Supervisors sets tax rates each year. The Treasurer’s office collects the tax that has been assessed as due. 

The Treasurer’s office is responsible for the custody and guardianship of all county funds, the maintenance of all bank accounts; the billing, collection, and recording of all county taxes and fees, and the receipt and collection of all other revenues, including state and federal.  The Treasurer’s Office accounts for the disbursement of revenues as authorized and approved by the Board of Supervisors. The Treasurer reports on the finances of the County to the Board of Supervisors monthly.

Other duties for which the Treasurer’s Office is responsible for include issuing dog tags, and the collection of Meals and Lodging Tax.

The Treasurer’s Office's mission is to provide efficient, accurate, prompt, and courteous service to the public.


The Carroll County Treasurer’s Office is pleased to offer Online Payment and Inquiry Services.  You may also use the Locked Payment Drop Box labeled Tax Payments Only, located at the Complex on the outside wall to the left of the front entrance. The Office of the Treasurer will be happy to credit advance tax payments toward upcoming tax liabilities.  Contact the Treasurer's office for more info.