Employee Directory

Department First Name Last Name Title Email Phone
IT Jason Stanley IT Director jason.stanley@carrollcountyva.gov (276)-730-3288
County Administration Crystal Adams Administrative Coordinator crystal.adams@carrollcountyva.gov (276)-730-3005
Human Resources Michelle Dalton HR Director michelle.dalton@carrollcountyva.gov (276)-730-3002
Animal Control Terry Woods Animal Control Officer terry.woods@carrollcountyva.gov (276)-730-3011
Building Official Tim Carpenter E&S Inspector & Building Inspector timothy.carpenter@carrollcountyva.gov (276)-730-3019
Chief - Emergency Services, Fire - Rescue Gary Bergeron gary.bergeron@carrollcountyva.gov (276)-730-3195
Recreation Rex Hill rex.hill@carrollcountyva.org (276)-730-3189
Carroll Fire & Rescue Misty McKinnon Training & Billing Coordinator misty.mckinnon@carrollcountyva.gov (276)-730-3198
Circuit Court Gerald Goad Clerk of the Circuit Court ggoad@vacourts.gov (276)-730-3064
Circuit Court Kaye Padgett Deputy Clerk - Civil Division kpadgett@vacourts.gov (276)-760-3065
Circuit Court Stacy Goad Deputy Clerk - Records and Front Desk sgoad@vacourts.gov (276)-730-3067
Circuit Court Janice Jessup Deputy Clerk - Criminal Division jjessup@vacourts.gov (276)-730-3068
Circuit Court Barbara Fadden Deputy Clerk - Probate Division bfadden@vacourts.gov (276)-730-3069
Circuit Court Sandra Higley Secretary to Hon. Judge Geisler (276)-730-3075
Commissioner of the Revenue Anthony Marion Chief Deputy anthony.marion@carrollcountyva.gov (276)-730-3081
Commissioner of the Revenue Frances Zimmerman Commissioner frances.zimmerman@carrollcountyva.gov (276)-730-3083
Commonwealth Attorney Jennifer Jones Assistant Commonwealth Attorney jennifer.jones@carrollcountyva.gov (276)-730-3090
Commonwealth Attorney Jessica Bryant AAII jessica.bryant@carrollcountyva.gov (276)-730-3093
Commonwealth Attorney Jennifer Spangler AAII jennifer.spangler@carrollcountyva.gov (276)-730-3094
Commonwealth Attorney Phillip Steele Assistant Commonwealth Attorney phillip.steele@carrollcountyva.gov (276)-730-3090
Victim Witness Teddy Felts Victim Witness Director teddy.felts@carrollcountyva.gov (276)-730-3098
Farmers Market Kevin Semones Market Director kevin.semones@carrollcountyva.gov (276)-730-3128
Finance Jana Carico Payroll Technician jana.carico@carrollcountyva.gov (276)-730-3006
Finance Felecia Bowman Finance Generalist felecia.bowman@carrollcountyva.gov (276)-730-3003
IT Dean Nichols Systems Administrator dean.nichols@carrollcountyva.gov (276)-730-3289
Magistrate Magistrate (276)-730-3088
Probation Mike Montgomery Probation Officer (276)-730-3123
Probation Chris Ward Probation Officer (276)-730-3124
Probation Molly Sutherland Probation Officer (276)-730-3125
Probation Brian Ragland Probation Officer (276)-730-3126
Probation Brad Kennedy Probation Officer (276)-730-3127
PSA Debra Frost Billing Technician debra.frost@carrollcountyva.gov (276)-730-3171
PSA Dana Phillips Assistant Executive Director dana.phillips@carrollcountyva.gov (276)-730-3172
Building Official Concetta Hancock Customer Service Representative concetta.handcock@carrollcountyva.gov (276)-730-3016
PSA Steve Moody steve.moody@carrollcountyva.gov (276)-730-3189
Sheriff Office Sheriff Office (276)-730-3020
Social Services Social Services (276)-730-3130
Treasurer Treasurers Office (276)-730-3060
Treasurer April Clontz april.clontz@carrollcountyva.gov (276)-730-3055
Treasurer Bonita Williams Treasurer bonita.williams@carrollcountyva.gov (276)-730-3056
Treasurer Judy Kangas judy.kangas@carrollcountyva.gov (276)-730-3057
Treasurer Kimberly Pickett kimberly.pickett@carrollcountyva.gov (276)-730-3058
Treasurer Gale Martin gale.martin@carrollcountyva.gov (276)-730-3062
Extension Virginia Cooperative Extenstion (276)-730-3110
Voter Registration Martha Hurst martha.hurst@carrollcountyva.gov (276)-730-3036
Voter Registration Stacey Reavis stacey.reavis@carrollcountyva.gov (276)-730-3038
General District Court Donna Ayers (276)-730-3043
General District Court Lauren Webb (276)-730-3047
General District Court Renae Coulson (276)-730-3051
General District Court General District Court (276)-730-3050
Juvenile & Domestic Court Diana Smith (276)-730-3045
Juvenile & Domestic Court Juvenile & Domestic Court (276)-730-3049
PSA Darrell Largen darrell.largen@carrollcountyva.gov
Fire & Rescue Fire & Rescue Main (276)-730-3196
Maintenance Tim Parnell (276)-730-3282
Maintenance Mike Cook (276)-730-3283
Maintenance Cannery (276)-730-3285
Finance Justin Martin Finance Director justin.martin@carrollcountyva.gov