County Administrator

Partnering with Citizens and Business
County Administrator 
Michael Watson
605-1 Pine Street 
Hillsville, VA 24343  
276.730.3001 - Office  
276.730.3004 - Fax 

Administrative Coordinator
Crystal Adams
 - Office  
276.730.3004 - Fax

The County Administrator is appointed by the Carroll County Board of Supervisors as the County’s Chief Administrative Officer. The Administrator supervises county staff, develops and manages the County Budget, assists citizens with issues related to County Government and implements policies set by the Carroll County Board of Supervisors and the Commonwealth of Virginia.   

The Administrator advises the Board of Supervisors, preparing policy recommendations for their consideration.  The County Administrator delivers value to the County’s citizens through the application of sound business and financial management practices in local government.   The Administrator fosters  economic development within the county by supporting the attraction of new businesses and the expansion of existing businesses through both marketing initiatives and economic development incentive programs.  The Administrator collaborates regularly with multiple state and local agencies to provide required services and available benefits the citizens of the county.   

The County Administrator works regionally in various leadership capacities on several Boards, Authorities and Commissions that serve the greater SW Virginia region including the Carroll County Economic Development Authority (EDA), the Virginia Industrial Alliance (VIAA), the Blue Ridge Crossroads Economic Development Authority (BRCEDA),  the Community Policy Management Team (CPMT), the Crossroads Institute, the New River Regional Water Authority, the VACO Economic Development Committee, VACO Agriculture and Environmental Steering Committee and others.