Youth Sports Cut-off Dates

Please Register and Pay On Time

CuteBallplayers2018 Youth Sports Cut-off Dates

Spring Soccer – February 20th

Fall Soccer (Pre-K–6th grade) – August 15th

Baseball/Softball – March 15th

Football/Cheerleading – August 15th

Basketball- November 1st 

Volleyball –
December 1st

COST per Sport – $25.00

Effective October, 1st 2018 the Carroll County Recreation Department will no longer offer a late fee deadline period. From now on there will be one singular deadline date advertised by the department to the public for each individual sport. If a parent misses the deadline date for a respective sport then the child will be placed on a waiting list. Individuals will be placed on teams based upon team need, or an entirely new team will be formed if there are enough children on the waiting list to do so. The department will do their best to try and ease travel time when placing children on the waiting list on a team, but they can’t ensure that the child will get placed on the team of their choice.  

Fee(s) MUST be paid or the player will not be placed on a team!

We have open registration 365 days a year until the deadline date!