Real Estate Tax

Real Estate Tax

Real Estate are taxes paid upon land and improvements.

All real estate is subject to taxation, except that specifically exempt by State Code.

The Real Estate Tax Rate is set annually by the
Carroll County Board of Supervisors
in the month of June.

This tax is assessed by the
Office of the County Assessor,
and collected by the Office of the Treasurer.

Current Real Estate Tax Rate is $0.695 per $100.00 Assessed Value

Escrow Accounts
If you maintain an escrow account with a mortgage company, your mortgage company remits payment for your real estate taxes.
All mortgage companies are required to request the real estate tax bills they wish to pay.

Penalty & Interest
Real Estate Tax bills are due December 5th.

Taxes are delinquent the day after the due date.

There is a 5% penalty required by the Virginia State Code for late payment of taxes.

The Treasurer is also required by the Code to collect interest at an annual rate of 10% until payment in full is received.