Representing the County on  Key Committees, Commissions and Boards

The Board of Supervisors is always seeking dedicated citizens interested in serving on the committees, commissions, and boards that address county issues. Serving as a volunteer member of a committee can be a rewarding experience by providing citizens an opportunity to have a voice in how our government serves its people. Applications will be considered by board members as vacancies occur.

If you are interested in consideration as a candidate to serve on any committee, commission or board appointment , please complete the required form

Contact the County Administrator’s office at 276.730.3001 for more information.

Current Carroll county Appointees to BOARDS & COMMITTEES

 Ninth District Finance

  • Rex Hill  -  Alternate
  • Laura Whitt

Virginia Industrial Advancement Alliance (VIAA)

  • County Administrator

Airport Commission

  • Dr. Tom Littrell 
  • Greg Yonce

Blue Ridge Crossroads Economic Development Authority (BRCEDA)

  • County Administrator
  • Rex Hill 
  • Robbie McCraw - Alternate

Blue Ridge Parkway Association

 *  Laura Whitt

Carroll County Planning Commission

  • Rex Hill 
  • Margaret Leggett 
  • Greg Hawks
  • Beverly Tipton 
  • Namon Strickland 
  • Robert Beasley
  • Terry Russell

Chief Local Elected Officials (CLEO)

  • Rex Hill 
  • County Administrator - Alternate

Community Policy and Management Team (CPMT)

  • County Administrator
  • Rex Hill
  • Sylvia Horton
  • Jerry Sturgill

Crossroads Institute Board of Directors

  • Rex Hill 
  • County Administrator

District Three Governmental Cooperative

  • Dr. Tom Littrell 
  • Tracy Moore - Alternate 

Fire Committee Advisory Board

  • Robbie McCraw 
  • Donnie Spangler 
  • Dale Edmonds 
  • Richard Sowers

Galax - Carroll Regional Library Board

  • Mimi Leonard 
  • Felecia Bowman
  • Janet Crowder

Economic Development Authority (EDA)

  • Executive Director 
  • Marty Hall 
  • Mandi McCraw
  • Richard Sowers 
  • Ronnie Collins
  • Larry Edwards
  • Kaye Carter
  • Martin Slate

Mount Rogers Alcohol Safety

  • Ray Melton 
  • Donna Ayers

Mount Rogers Community Services Board

  • Sandy Worrell
  • Mary Coulson 
  • Gerald Goad

Mount Rogers Planning District Commission (MRPDC)

  • Steve Winesett 
  • County Administrator
  • Greg Hawks

Mount Rogers PDC Transportation Technical Committee

  • Ronald Newman

New River Highlands Resource Conservation and Development

  • Bob Martin

New River Valley Regional Jail Authority

  • Nathan Lyons
  • Michelle Dalton - Alternate

New River Regional Water Authority

  • County Administrator
  • Cellell Dalton

Public Service Authority

  • Doug Winesett 
  • Rex Hill
  • Dr. Tom Littrell 
  • Robbie McCraw
  • Phillip McCraw
  • Gary Jessup

Recreation Commission

  • Alvin Davidson
  • Ronnie Mankins 
  • Adam Joyce 
  • Chris Goad 
  • Howard Mayo 
  • Marion Harris
  • Larry Collins
  • Travis Austin

Rooftop of Virginia

  • Dr. Tom Littrell 
  • Michelle Dalton 
School Review

  • Dr. Tom Littrell
  • Bob Martin
  • Social Services Board
  • Robbie McCraw
  • David Clontz         
  • Roger Cooley     
  • Christopher Felts
  • Lynette Thomas

Solid Waste Authority

  • Sam Dickson 
  • County Administrator
  • Rex Hill

Southwest Virginia EMS Council

  • Gary Bergeron

Standing Personnel Policy Committee

  • Rex Hill 
  • Joe Webb
Transportation Committee

  • Robbie McCraw
  • Phillip McCraw
Twin County E911

  • Dr. Tom Littrell 
  • Ronald Newman

Wired Road

  • County Administrator

Wytheville Community College

  • Dr. Oliver McBride
  • Angie Jackson
Finance Committee

*  Rex Hill
* Tracy Moore