Public Service Authority (PSA)

Building our Water and Sewer Infrastucture


VIRGINIA CODE § 2.2-4303(F)

     On Tuesday, October 13, 2020 the Carroll County Public Service Authority ("PSA") awarded a contract for Contract installation and repair services for (together, the "repairs") on an emergency basis, as authorized by Virginia Code § 2.2-4303(F), to Bowman & Griffin LLC.
  The basis for the emergency procurement is as follows:
      Currently the PSA does not have sufficient trained employees to service the needs for new installations and repairs.  The difficulties in recruiting staff to perform new installations and repairs during the COVID pandemic has left the PSA with insufficient personnel to provide services on a timely basis.  The PSA has begun a competitive bidding procurement process to fill these needs.  In the meantime and due to the urgent need to provide the citizens of the County with water and sewerage disposal and to repair leaks or emergency defects in the water or sewerage system, the PSA directed its Executive Director to hire  Bowman & Griffin LLC  on an interim basis to perform this work with a contract awarded 10/13/2020. 
Bowman & Griffin LLC has the experience and particular knowledge of water delivery and sewerage disposal in the service area of the PSA to perform services on a temporary basis. 
For Sale: 

Approximately  380 joints of 14 foot SDR-35 6”  sewer pipe.  Price $1.80 per foot.  If interested please contact the PSA office.  276-730-3170

The Carroll County Public Authority was created April 10, 1973 as a Public Body Politic and Corporate under the provisions of the Virginia Water and Waste Authorities Act (Title 15.2, Chapter 51, Sections 15.2-5100 through 15.2-5158,inclusive, Code of Virginia, 1950, as amended) for the purpose of acquiring or selling, constructing, operating and maintaining for Carroll County (a) water supply and distribution systems, (b) sewage collection, (c) sewage disposal systems, and (d) for the purpose of exercising the powers conferred by the Water and Waste Authorities Act.

The Carroll County Public Service Authority is directed by a six (6) member Board of Directors appointed by the Carroll County Board of Supervisors to acquire, construct, build, operate and maintain water and sewer systems for Carroll County. The PSA staff Operates and Maintains the Authorities Water and Sewer Systems seven 7 days a week, 365 days a year. The Authority has some 4,300+ customers at present and is constantly adding additional lines to serve more customers, businesses, and industries.

The PSA Board meets the second Monday of each month at 3:00 p.m. in the Board of Supervisors Meeting Room unless otherwise posted on the Events Calendar on this site and our County’s Facebook page at